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I am a geologist, attorney, and web business owner.  This web site is serves as a place to put papers, presentations and other miscellaneous material related to various projects. Some of it is linked and some of it isn't.  It is mostly geology of one sort or another, but includes some legal work too.

My geological background is in mining exploration and I approach the science from that perspective. That said, when I push the origin of ore deposits to an understanding based on first principles, almost every aspect of geology is included. My Greens Creek Mine work has lead me to suggest some changes in volcanic evolution and metamorphic geology. My consideration of the origin of gold deposits in the Seward Peninsula has lead me to a new way of looking at mantle-crust interaction. (It's not completely new as it has been suggested in other contexts.) The Hawaii Hot Spot page is a simple corollary that came out of the work that is still underway.

Presentation of these ideas has been an interesting experience. For the most part they have been ignored, but that's okay. I do this for the fun of it and I haven't spent the time I need to promote and develop the ideas. That's for the to-do list.

Here is a picture of my family.

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These are some quotes . . .

Richard Feynman's "Cargo Cult Science" is a classic worth reading and rereading.

I have a Facebook Page, though I don't do facebook much.

This is a report on the Woewodski Island Property. We are looking for venture partners now.

This is a Summary Exploration Proposal for Woewodski.




  2011 GSA Poster

Can a Horizontal Astronomical Driving Force and an Independent Vertical Convective Force Explain Global Tectonics?

My latest legal project. Press release here. Full complaint here. Motion for Certification of Class here. Opposition to Motion to Dismiss here. (Good read.)

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Comment on my Hawaii Hot Spot Page!

This is my first attempt at raising interest in one of my ideas.

2007 GSA Poster

Penecontemporaneous Foliation as a
Continuum from Soft Sediment Deformation

Greens Creek Mine Geology Page

(under construction. . . )

Woewodski Presentation


Pressure Solution Page